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Deciding which yoga class to attend can be daunting. People’s bodies vary and each person has their own favourite teacher.

But all yoga began as a simple way to stretch the body before sitting for long periods in meditation. The original practice of yoga from thousands of years ago may have branched out today into various styles with different names, but every one of them is still rooted in the same ancient tradition and is an excellent remedy for a sedentary lifestyle spent at desks or in cars.

So just turn up to some classes in your neighbourhood, trust your instinct, and see what feels right.

Beginner To Intermediate Classes

 Tiff Cameron Yoga is based on three popular disciplines explained below:

Ashtanga Yoga

Series of heat building poses that flow in repeated or varied sequences to strengthen and improve flexibility.


Breath-led yoga that focuses attention on inhales and exhales throughout the yoga practice in order to oxygenate cells, prevent injury, reduce muscle tension, and de-stress.

Yin Yoga

A gentler, cooling form of yoga tending toward seated poses held in one position for much longer in order to prevent muscles stiffening and maintain movement at all stages of life but particularly as we age.

These disciplines appear in all of Tiff’s classes in order to ensure that students:

  • Increase fitness
  • Decrease fatigue
  • Connect with and maintain core strength
  • Combat anxiety and depression

For further information on specific classes and timetables, please visit Tiff Cameron Yoga’s Yoga Classes Page.


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