Yoga Teacher

“ I have some good news to share. You are already your own best yoga teacher! But I promise I will be there every step of the way to help you recover balance and serenity in your life.”

– Tiff Cameron

Tiff’s Yoga Journey

In 2013 Tiff was a burned out commuter looking for a new way of life. She quit corporate work temporarily and went travelling.

Through various chance meetings with inspirational people and by undertaking yoga tuition, Tiff discovered the many benefits that yoga and meditation can offer and a host of other related holistic tools. She found that she didn’t have to give up corporate life after all and she used the gifts she gained to go back into a role as an HR & Wellness Advisor.

Unfortunately, she was then diagnosed with a serious illness but she had already decided to break from old patterns and to try doing something that indigenous people have always done:

She stopped making decisions solely with her mind and began to think with her heart.

Her heart led her to yoga, one of the greatest methods available for connecting intuitively to the body and identifying physical and emotional needs.

In a great time of difficulty, Tiff found herself highly prepared for a routine of:

  • Longevity increasing exercise
  • Improved nutrition
  • Anti-anxiety practices
  • And many more natural outcomes of yoga that inspire us to eat, sleep, and live better.

Best of all, she was able to turn to a form of breath-led movement that helps destroy free radicals and increases life-giving oxygen and water to our cells. During her recovery, Tiff went on to learn from bodywork practices like Thai and Ayurveda massage, which are single components of wider medicinal healing systems and highly based in ‘deep listening’ to mind, body and spirit. She felt empowered to heal herself.

Keeping physically and emotionally well can often make us turn to many complicated sources of help. But yoga leads us the most simple solution we have – ourselves.

A yoga mat isn’t just where we get fit, it is where we learn to listen to what our body and our minds are telling us. For example, science now knows that moving the body while feeling empowered using yoga neurologically helps us to reset trauma.

Once you take up yoga, you will never stop learning.

Tiff is thrilled to share her learning with others, and continues to learn from her students around the areas of Abingdon and Oxford.

Tiff’s Qualifications

  • East Asian Studies and English Lit, Bachelor of Arts, University of Alberta, Canada 2000
  • Business Start-up Diploma, Goal NVQ3, June 2005
  • 200-hours Yoga Teaching Certificate, School Yoga Institute, April 2014
  • Mindfulness, Meditation, Physical/Emotional Pain, Excel with Business, Sept 2015
  • Yin Yoga and the Subtle Body, Nova Milesko, London Sept 2016
  • First Aid at Work, St John’s Ambulance, October 2014 & 2018
  • Northern Thai Massage Practitioner, The School of Thai Yoga Massage, Oct 2016
  • Nutritional Therapist, The Health Sciences Academy, November 2016
  • Ayurveda Massage Therapy Practitioner, Tri-Dosha Ltd, April 2019
  • International Massage Diploma, New Skills Academy, CPD April 2019
  • Yoga Alliance and Balen’s Insurance for Yoga and Complimentary Therapies

Contact Tiff

Contact Tiff:

Tiff is a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher