Recover Your Wellbeing

 Body, Mind, and Spirit

Many high level medical and psychiatric professionals acknowledge that Western healing styles underestimate the value of self-management. Any life-changing journey to wellness begins simply with a decision to put yourself, and your health, first – in order to recover your wellbeing.

You send messages to your body everyday through your nervous system and you don’t even know it! So schedule time for you, listen to what your mind and body are saying, and before you know it those messages will fill with love.

Watch this newfound self-awareness send confidence rippling out into all aspects of your life.


Get back in touch, literally, with how your body feels by experiencing an Ayurvedic oil massage, known for 4000 years to provide soothing, rejuvenation, healing, and balance. All oils are 100% natural and based on herbal principles for nourishment. Discuss any bespoke requirements you have with Tiff and help those areas that need attention.

Or, just come along for a truly indulgent hour of divine relaxation.

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Many people want to learn how to meditate but don’t think they have the time. The beauty of meditation is that once you learn to calm your mind and meditate for longer periods, you will ¬† easily find yourself dropping into ‘mini-sessions’ of just 10 minutes. Gain a skill for life while connecting with the 7 energy points of the body that are vital to clearing dis-ease.

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Soul Yoga Workshops

Do you feel like your soul is longing to spring forward with all your dreams and ambitions, but your body just can’t catch up?

Consider indulging in three hours of soul soothing with Tiff to re-integrate mind, body and soul. This integration is the ultimate outcome of mindfulness. And this mindfulness will restore your purpose and help you to reach your goals.

These workshops take limited numbers so please join Tiff’s mailing list or keep visiting the site for regularly scheduled workshops.

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Relaxing bath, towel and candle for wellness and wellbeing
Schedule time and take the first step to wellness