Meditation Courses

Why Meditate?

Neurologists are helping us to discover all the benefits that meditation offers to our bodies. It reduces the need for excess sleep, as even short meditations help to reset your brain and body. It activates the parasympathetic nervous system and you become your own leader in maintaining calm and higher attention to detail. And it reduces tension so that you think and move effectively.

The frenzied ‘Yang’ lifestyle of modern society is eased greatly by the contrast of deep knowing, inner peace, and clarity that meditation brings.


Learn to Meditate

Many of us feel too impatient for meditation in the beginning, so having a schedule of meditation sessions to follow in order to ‘get into it’ is a great idea.

I also assist this process of self-soothing by adding guided visualisations to take students out of their busy mind and re-integrate through the mindful act of self-awareness.

You will soon be able to fall into meditation easily and quickly whenever you need it. I hope you will join me for some guided sessions.

Meditation Chakra Course

  • One session per week, for 6 weeks
  • Sessions involve relation, chakra connection,  and a short section of meditation that increases throughout the course to help you get used to it
  • 30 minutes per session (increasing to an hour on the last session)
  • Learn about the 7 chakras, and how to unblock energy and avoid  dis-ease

Discover the benefits of meditation

Contact Tiff to find out what meditation could do for you.

Meditation Stones
To meditate is to return home to care for oneself