Soul Yoga Workshops

Soothe Your Body, Mind & Spirit

Join Tiff for an afternoon of self-healing and deep soul connection

Many of Tiff’s students are drawn to the breath and visualisation led aspect to her classes.  But there isn’t always time in a yoga class to really explore the beautiful practice of soul work.

Get help for your wellbeing and luxuriate in 3 hours of time for you.



  • Just Breathe – Deep relaxation Pranayama breath practice
  • Restorative Yoga Session – A wonderful, calm practice.
  • Meditation/Visualisation  – If you can’t take a holiday you can still ‘get away’ with Tiff
  • Massage – Brief massage advice with all-natural Ayurvedic oils

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Soul Yoga Workshops represented by heart-shaped fingers over a sunset
Reconnect to heart and soul with nourishing retreats