Massage Therapy

Not A Treat But Self-Care

Massage therapy is a brilliant way to maintain mental, emotional and physical wellness by moving water and oxygen around the body and opening energetic doorways.

Why Ayurveda?

  • Unique to your constitution
  • Balances ‘prana’ or energy, with Marma points
  • Therapeutic, all-natural oils
  • Over 4000 years old

This ancient massage is known for its incredible ability to bring deep relaxation, followed by rejuvenation.

*Book 6 equivalent massages in one year and receive 1 free! 

30 minutes (£25)
Mukhabhyanga – Face Lift & Relax
Shirobhyanga – Head, Neck, Arm Massage (or preferred variation)
Padabhyanga – Lower Leg and Foot

60 minutes (£50)
Marma Abhyanga – Full Body
Pinda Sweda Pummelling – Full Body

90 minutes (£75)
Your Choice – Combination

120 minutes (£90)
Northern Thai Traditional Massage
(Fully clothed on a Japanese futon)

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Lady Receiving Massage Therapy in Oxfordshire
De-stress, relax, rejuvenate with Ayurveda massage therapy