Top 5 Books About Mind Body Healing

What Is Mind-Body Healing? The term ‘mind-body’ is a little misleading in my opinion. Ten years ago, while crawling on hands and knees in the A&E with a severe anxiety attack, I heard the following desperate words come out of my mouth: “I can’t pinpoint anything that is mentally wrong. It just feels physical. I am being overwhelmed by this

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Easy Breath Exercises

Our first connection to the world was a strong, life giving breath. We can easily forget that it leads everything we do. Although our body naturally breathes we benefit even more by doing it with intention. Mindful Pranayama or breath control brings you back to the present, makes you feel calm and content, improves your lung function and capacity, fuels

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Reduce Lower Back Pain – 10 Tips You Didn’t Know

Your back is more resilient than you think Working out how to reduce lower back pain can be a complex matter. X-ray scans have been known to show that many of us have imperfect, cracked, slightly immobile, asymmetrical, slightly misplaced vertebrae. And when these things appear on a scan they are not always associated with the pain you are feeling.

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